Olaoluwa Akinremi is a Certified Public Speaker, a committed and passionate Minstrel of classic Gospel Music popularly known as “Praiselioness “ .

Who devotes many of her songs to worship and deep praise of God, in the indigenous way through inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

Her book “The Ministry of a Womb-man” published in 2013 launched out her Women’s ministry and she is presently the Convener of the Lion of Praise Annual Concert, the Visionary of the Kingdom Explorers Music & Bible Academy (for Children from ages 3 to 19).

A legal director to 24 Elders Global Consulting Ltd and the Founder of Peculiar Queens Global Foundation, partnering with the Lagos State Public Interest Law Partnership, Ministry of Justice, National Human Rights Commission, a British Initiative; Justice For All and so on.

The multi-talented Worshiper, OlaOluwa-CJN as the nickname given to her by her learned colleagues and friends, she is also a Lawyer – Human Rights Activist, a Counselor and a Life Coach with the vision of celebrating the efficacy of the Word of God through her songs and Profession to raising the foundation of many generations via her God- given gifts.

Principal Attorney at OlaOluwa Akinremi & Co. ( Obasa Chambers) and she is gloriously married to Akinyinka Akinremi ( FCA). Their wonderful marriage is blessed with three great Nations.